Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Middle on Trying to Be Profound and Thoughtfulness

The Middle had a good episode last night (see here). Axl was trying to write a paper about something he learned in his life, but he was having a hard time because he did not have too many profound experiences of suffering and growth. Frankie was upset because Mike did not get her a rose when they were at dinner with friends for Valentine’s Day, but then their youngest son, Brick, read the family a paper about how Frankie and Mike show their love for each other in little acts of thoughtfuless: Frankie rubbing Mike’s neck, Mike scraping the ice off of Frankie’s windshield, etc. (Axl then stole Brick’s paper and read it to his class!)

I liked this episode, first of all, because of the pressure on writers and bloggers to always be profound. Second, I appreciated how the episode defined love as little acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.

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