Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dickens!

Today is Charles Dickens’ birthday! The only Dickens book that I have ever read is A Christmas Carol (see my write-ups on that here and here). I watched movies for David Copperfield, Great Expectations, Tale of Two Cities, and Oliver Twist. They were pretty entertaining movies. I think of the manipulative spinster in Great Expectations; the abusive step-father and the slimy Uriah Heap in David Copperfield; the drunk who laid down his life for somebody else in Tale of Two Cities; and the story in Oliver Twist about an orphan who suffers poverty until he learns that he is part of a rich family. Good heroes. Villains who catch one’s attention. Good stories. I should probably read the books sometime, but I have a hard time with Dickens’ thick style. I have been interested when people have told me that Dickens was a Christian, however. And he apparently had strong beliefs, for he is a critic of Sabbatarianism in A Christmas Carol (see my links above).


  1. I recently looked at Tale of Two Cities, and the style is horrendous, it is completely unreadable, and the melodrama is awful. It does seem though that the book is the most read one ever!

    I don't mean to imply anything here either negative or positive about the rest of Dickens, of which I've read a few.

  2. I believe you. The opening line is pretty catchy, though! (It was the best of times...) :D


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