Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2/12 Links

1. The Washington Post has an excellent article (if you can access it) about why Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have not been criticizing each other. One reason is that they and their wives have been friends since 2008. Another reason is that Romney wants the support of the Ron Paulites in the general election, and many Ron Paulites desire influence within the Republican Party, which they can get from Romney. The article also discusses the Republican establishment’s interaction with Ron Paul’s son, Rand, after Rand defeated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s choice for the Republican nomination for Senator from Kentucky (McConnell is the other Senator from Kentucky). Rand and the establishment are learning from each other and are seeking to form a mutually-supportive relationship.

2. As part of her informative “Ask a…” series, Rachel Held Evans has a post called Ask a Christian Libertarian… Rachel is featuring Christian libertarian Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira, who has written books, articles, and blog-posts. Check out Caryn’s article for Relevant Magazine, “The Rise of Christian Libertarians”.

3. Climate change has been a hot topic, as the Wall Street Journal talked about prominent scientists (who are not climatologists) who are questioning the reality of human-caused global warming. An article in Discover Magazine and a letter signed by 255 scientists (many specializing in climate) that the Wall Street Journal turned down have responded to the WSJ piece. In addition, Barry Ritholtz talks about how the Wall Street Journal (which in the past was a respectable newspaper) has been Foxified since Rupert Murdoch bought it.

4. Adam McHugh, author of Introverts in the Church, has a post on how introverts can network.

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