Sunday, February 19, 2012

JL Sathre on 25 Things She Learned from Opening a Bookstore

In her Sunday Superlatives for today, Rachel Held Evans linked to a post by JL Sathre entitled 25 Things I Learned from Opening a Bookstore. It’s definitely a funny read!

I identified with Number 8:

” If you put free books outside, someone will walk in every week and ask if they’re really free, no matter how many signs you put out . Someone else will walk in and ask if everything in the store is free.”

Okay, I wouldn’t ask if everything in the store is free, but, if I find a choice book outside for a really low price, I do ask the clerk if it truly is that price.

I didn’t identify as much with Number 7:

“If you put free books outside, cookbooks will be gone in the first hour and other non-fiction books will sit there for weeks. Except in warm weather when people are having garage sales. Then someone will back their car up and take everything, including your baskets.”

I tend to go after non-fiction books when they’re outside: political books, religious books, self-help books, etc.

Check out the other items on her list!


  1. Now I am struggling: How can "political books, religious books, self-help books" be placed into the "non-fiction" category? ;-)

  2. My Grandpa Pate once said something similar: "The only fiction I've read is some of these history books." :D


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