Sunday, February 5, 2012

Giants and Patriots

The Superbowl is this evening. I probably won’t watch it. Football bores me. So do most sports. If I had to pick a sport that I halfway like, though, it would be basketball, since it’s faster-paced. In football, it seems that making one little mistake causes the players to start all over again (if that makes any sense).

Most people I know are rooting for the New York Giants. I have a lot of family in Indiana, which is where the Superbowl is being held this year. They like the Giants because the Giants have Eli Manning, the brother of Peyton Manning, a superstar for the Indianapolis Colts. And, of course, because I live in upstate New York, most of the people here are rooting for the Giants. Should I support the Patriots because I lived in Massachusetts for a couple of years? Naaa. I guess I’ll go with the Giants. I’ll find out if they won tomorrow morning, or later tonight before I go to bed!

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