Sunday, February 9, 2014

Prayer for Others: Meaningful, or Like Reading a Phone Book?

At church this morning, someone from a local mission spoke to us.  He said that the mission needs prayers because one day is not like another, and each day it serves two-hundred meals.

Should I pray for the mission daily?  I’m reluctant to pray for anyone daily, since then it becomes perfunctory.  I used to pray for certain people each day, and it became like reading a phone book.  I also wonder when (or if) I can drop someone off of my prayer list: do I have to pray for so-and-so for the rest of my natural life?  The list could get really long if that is the case, or I would be hesitant to add people to the list!

I find it more meaningful, heart-felt, sincere, and empathetic on my part when I pray for someone right after that person comes to my mind.  For example, I heard about the mission this morning, and so I prayed for the mission then, or I pray for it whenever it comes to my mind.  I trust that God can bring to my remembrance people for me to pray for, and that any prayer that I offer can be effective.

Perhaps that sounds selfish on my part, but that’s how I pray for others, in this season of my life.

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