Saturday, September 7, 2013

Psalm 124

For my blog post today about Psalm 124, I will quote from this United Church of God commentary, which quotes the Zondervan Student Bible:

"Yet God has given deliverance, seen also in the figure of a bird escaping the fowler's snare-the trap of a bird trapper (compare 91:3). The Zondervan Student Bible comments: '"Some trouble is quick-bang and it's over…but with other trouble, trying to escape only gets you more deeply entangled…if you try to undo the damage, you only make it worse. That's exactly the picture of 'the fowler's snare.' The bird that caught its neck in the noose only tightened the snare's choke-hold by struggling. The bird could not get out by its own effort. But this time, says David, the snare has miraculously broken, and the bird has flown to safety. When you escape that way, there's only one person to thank: the Lord' (note on verse 7)."

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