Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Negative and Positive about Religion

I had negative and positive feelings about religion while I was watching ABC News last night. 

One story that ABC News was reporting was actress Leah Remini's claim that the Church of Scientology is rooting for her to lose on Dancing with the Stars.  She has left the church , and she says that the Church of Scientology often forecasts disaster for those who leave.  The Church of Scientology responded that Remini is self-absorbed, and that it couldn't care less how she did on Dancing with the Stars

I don't know a whole lot about the Church of Scientology, but Remini's point-of-view sounds believable.  I know of religious movements and environments that are similar to what she is saying the Church of Scientology is like.  They claim that leaving them or their belief system will lead to God's disfavor, or disaster on the life of the person who leaves.  And, when a person challenges them, they immediately seek some moral flaw in that person.  In my opinion, this sort of thing exists especially within conservative Christianity.  The story about Leah Remini made me feel quite negative about religion.

But then ABC News had another story.  It was about a minister named Becca Stevens who has a ministry that provides prostitutes with a way to get off of the streets and on to a better life.  She provides them with a place to live, and they work at her company, which makes soaps, oils, and lipbalms.  This company, according to ABC News, made almost a million dollars in sales this year.  See here to watch the story, and here to visit the web site of the company, Thistle Farms.

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