Sunday, September 8, 2013

Is Christianity Deep and Profound?

A question that I asked myself at church this morning is this: Is Christianity really that deep and profound of a religion?   My pastor was saying that it is.  And our liturgy and Psalm 139 say that God has numerous thoughts, which we are not able to count.  But, when I look at Christianity, it doesn't strike me as overly deep or profound.  I'm not saying that I know everything or even most things about it and its various manifestations and holy writings.  But I do believe that I have a fairly decent handle on its overall repertoire, and, even when I come across things about it that I do not know, I am not particularly awed, nor do I feel as if I am traveling in very deep waters.  There's enough for me to learn that I can stay entertained by reading and thinking about the Bible.  But the Bible and Christianity do not strike me as particularly deep or profound.

That's all I'm in the mood to write in this post.


  1. I think it kind of is, but its "deep and profound" attributes lie in its simplicity. In other words, if it weren't absurdly simple, it could never be deep or profound.

  2. I was thinking about other religions. For example, I've read pieces of the Tao Te Ching, but I can't make heads or tails of what it's saying (though I understood the Tao of Pooh). Is it deep and profound? Maybe. But I don't benefit from that because I don't understand it.

  3. Dear Mr. Mood
    change the Christianity to Christ - Christianity is complex and messy, political and violent, worried and fearful. But what is Christ - what is this Anointing, this Anointed, the One who teaches? That is abyss speaking to abyss. תְּהוֹם אֶל תְּהוֹם קוֹרֵא (Psalm 42).

    Or you might pick up the psalm for the Sabbath day -
    how great your deeds יהוה
    very deep your devices
    or inscrutable - מְאֹד עָמְקוּ מַחְשְׁבֹתֶיךָ
    or pick a third word for deep, inscrutable, profound - Psalm 69
    I sink in a wine beyond depth (מְצוּלָה)
    and there is no foothold
    I come into valleys of waters
    and the floods overflow me

    There you have the Anointed in trouble - but it is Yhwh who sits in the flood.

    This is not Christianity though Christian should work through this poetry. The expression of depth is not lacking. But it is not the expression that is critical. It is the knowledge as expressed - such as you read in those bits and pieces of Psalm 139 this morning. Of course we and you both left stuff out. You might read my words from page 435 on this psalm. I got quite angry at some modern translations.

  4. Yeah, that's another appropriate text on this. Another that comes to mind is Job's song on wisdom.


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