Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"You Prayed and Believed Your WHOLE Life..."

I was watching a YouTube video about the Christian movie, God’s Not Dead.  Many people focus on the part of the movie in which a Christian student challenges his atheistic philosophy professor.  But there are other sub-plots to the movie, as well.  Dean Cain, of Lois and Clark fame, is part of one of those sub-plots.

Dean Cain plays a well-off businessman who, well, is not a very nice person.  His elderly mother was a life-long Christian, and she now has dementia.  In a poignant scene, the Dean Cain character asks his mother why God let that happen to her after she served God her whole life, when she is one of the nicest people he knows.  Meanwhile, the Dean Cain character acknowledges that he is one of the meanest people, and yet his life is peachy.  His mother responds to her son that Satan has built him a comfortable jail cell, and that he can still get out if he wants.  The mother then reverts back to her dementia and asks her son who he is.  Did that plant a seed in the Dean Cain character to cease his wicked deeds?

The Dean Cain character asked a good question.  Or, more precisely, his question was half-good.  Why would God allow someone who served God her whole life—-a nice person—-to have dementia?

The Dean Cain character was very presumptuous, however, when he pointed to his own life being peachy, even though he was a mean person.  Why do I say that?  Because he is not old yet.  Who knows what health problems he will get once he is old?

There is so much in life that can humble a person.  If you don’t find that to be true now, wait a bit.

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