Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Envious of the Saved by the Bell Characters?

I’ve been watching Saved by the Bell during my lunch.  The very first time that it came on, which was several years ago, it was at nights.  I did not care for it then.  It struck me as cheesy, corny, and uninteresting.  But then it was on Saturday mornings, and it was on our TV because my sister liked it.  It began growing on me.  Later, it was on right after I came home from school.  I watched it.

I was reading some YouTube video comments, and one person said that he never liked the show because it was about popular high school students, and he was unpopular in high school.

Well, I was unpopular in high school, too, but I still watched Saved by the Bell!  Why didn’t I feel hopelessly inadequate comparing myself to Zack Morris, or fantasizing about being part of the Saved by the Bell clique?  I don’t know.  It was just a fun TV show for me.  I realized that my life was not the same as the lives of those on television.  That was the case with many shows that I watched.  I accepted that.

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