Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vacation Bible School Update

At church this morning, the pastor shared about what happened at Vacation Bible School this past week.  It was actually quite inspiring: people from my church coming together to contribute their talents to make this week-long event a success.  The pastor talked about what the kids did.  They learned about God and God’s care for them.  They would get a star if they referred to a “God event”—-an event that reminded them somehow of God.  And they donated some of their food to the Hope House, which provides meals for the poor.

The pastor told us that one of the kids wanted a picture of all of the VBS staff, and that was cool.  After church, the pastor was telling me that the kids may meet more than once in the year.

I can’t say that my experiences in VBS in the past were spectacular—-they were more mixed than anything.  I’m not even sure if I qualify as an evangelical, in terms of where I am now in my beliefs.  But my heart does get excited when it sees revival: when people are becoming close to God, when the church is reaching out to its community, when people are being taught to love God and their neighbors.  My pastor and people in the church prayed for VBS.  So did I, as I asked for God’s anointing to be upon it.  I am glad that it was.

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