Friday, July 11, 2014

Watching Smallville a Second Time Through

We finished Smallville a couple of days ago.  Smallville ran during the 2000′s, and it is about young Clark Kent, who would become Superman.  I had watched it before, but my Mom and her husband had not.

When I first watched Smallville, I really liked the earlier seasons—-as in seasons 1-5 (and maybe 6, if I was in a generous mood)—-but not so much the later ones.  In the earlier seasons, Clark is growing and learning about who he is, and the other characters are growing as well.  Lex was struggling with his evil and came across to me as sympathetic.  Lionel was a funny villain.  The later seasons were somewhat of a blur to me (no pun intended—-Clark was the “blur” before he became Superman).  I usually taped the episodes, and their quality was not so great on my VCR.  I also found some of them to be silly, or boring.  And I did not care for Tess Mercer replacing Lex as the villain.

My Mom and her husband were the opposite.  They liked the later seasons more than the earlier seasons.  They were not big fans of Lana Lane, who was in the earlier seasons, since she came across as so perfect.  I always liked her as a character because she had that lonely quality.  My Mom and her husband also did not care for the music, but I liked it.  They also preferred the later seasons because of their references to the comic books.  As my Mom’s husband said when watching the episode “Absolute Justice,” that episode was featuring some pretty old superheroes—-superheroes who go way back!

After watching all of Smallville a second time, I like the later seasons more than I did at first.  Clark still struggles with what to do.  At the same time, most of my favorite episodes are from the earlier seasons.

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