Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pentecost 2014

At church this morning, we celebrated Pentecost.  We had a couple of speakers from a local faith-based rescue mission.  One speaker worked for the mission, and the other benefited from it.  See here to learn more about the mission.  I may donate to it, every now and then.  It’s important that people have a place to go when they are down and out, a place where people care and can help them get on their feet, when they are ready.

We sang some songs that I liked.  I particularly enjoyed “Come, Holy Spirit,” which is about the Spirit being a soothing, healing presence.  The song ministered to my pastor, as well.

A member of the church gave the message.  He gave us his testimony of how he came to believe in God, and he read an article that he wrote a while back about the benefits of going to church.  You can read that here.

There are times when I get overly introspective spiritually, especially when I read or hear something that makes me feel spiritually inadequate.  But who cares if I am not good enough?  Nobody is!  What’s important is to care for others, wherever they may be.

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