Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tasting that God Is Good?

At church this morning, we sang the song "Pass It On".  Click here to listen to the song and also to read the lyrics.  I've loved this song ever since the first time that I heard it, which was when I attended an Intervarsity event as a sophomore in college.  The song is pretty, and it also gives me a warm, cozy feeling inside. 

What to do with the song's concepts in the place that I am religiously, well, that's something for me to figure out!  One thing that I get from the song is that, when we actually taste that God is kind, loving, and good, we find happiness and we want to pass that love on to others.  As one lady in a small group that I attended years ago said, God's love for us is so great that----when we know about it----it overflows from us to others.

My problem has been that certain things in the Bible and in evangelical Christian doctrine make me question if God's love is that great.  Moreover, the wear-and-tear of real life can easily make some people (like me) rather jaded.  Plus, it's not as if I see God or even have proof that God is there, so how can I taste God's love?  And, if God is loving, why haven't I tasted his love so far, but instead plow through life through the highs and lows and flats of my human emotions?

In any case, guess what?  I'll be preaching next Sunday!  I'm not going to specify where, since I wouldn't want some Christian extremist to contact my church and tell it that I'm unworthy to be in the pulpit because I'm a heretic.  That actually happened to someone I know!  My topic will be on Job's growth.  Sometime this week, I may write a post about my highs and lows in terms of my preaching experiences.


  1. Bravo - and the topic is a great one. I highly recommend Ticciati on Job if you can find it in NYC

  2. I live pretty far from NYC, but I'll see if I can find anything about Ticciati online! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. James - feel free to have a look at the 125 posts on Job here from several years ago Job.

    I think there are lots of ways of preaching on this book that would be limiting it as if it were a historical segment. For me, it is a parable of the struggle for dominance of the religious order as against the realities of this world. Yet given my identification of Job with Leviathan or at least the venerable and vulnerable spirit of Job with Leviathan, I think this parable tells us something about God as our 'referee'.

  4. Yeah, I think I may have read your point about Job being Leviathan in your book on Psalms. I know that point sounds familiar.


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