Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Isaiah's "Circle of the Earth": A Bad Creationist Argument



  1. This link has me doing a bit of word study. It looks like the Hebrew word translated as "circle" or "vault" has too few uses to be clear (only 4), so we are entirely dependent on the Septuagint's translation which uses the Greek word, Gyros, to describe the Earth, and this clearly refers to a type of sandwich made from a flat, circular pita! Still trying to sort it all out! I will need to write all my notes when I get done, but have a class slowing me down this semester.

  2. My understanding from Kyle Greenwood's book, Scripture and Cosmology, was that there was more of a belief in a spherical earth among the Greeks. It is interesting, then, that the LXX translates the Hebrew term to mean something like a flat, circular pita!

  3. Actually, the word guros is more related to rotation, since it is the rotating spit of meat from which the sandwich gets its name, rather than the flat circular pita. Thus, "gyroscope" and "gyrate". But these are all modern uses.


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