Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Do I Care If People Become Christians?

For the past few months, a question has recurred to me: Do I care if other people become Christians?  I used to be encouraged to pray for people to become Christians.  I still am sometimes when I go to church, but I have become rather hardened to that message, to tell you the truth.

Why have I prayed for people to become Christians?  Perhaps it was so that they would arrive at a state of inner peace, or become better (more loving) people, or avoid hell.  The thing is, a self-absorbed, narcissistic, inconsiderate, self-righteous atheist can easily become a self-absorbed, narcissistic, inconsiderate, self-righteous Christian, only this time with religious delusions of grandeur or stamps of approval on his or her obnoxious behavior.  Why should I care if such an atheist becomes a Christian?

I think that I should care because that can at least bring the person some sense of inner-peace, a loving God to lean on.

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