Monday, March 3, 2014

Blogging Plans for March and Thereafter

Originally for March 2014, I was planning to read two books for Women’s History Month: a biography of Martha Stewart, and a biography of Hillary Clinton.  I still hope to read these books and blog through them someday in the future, but it probably won’t be for a while.  The reason that I have decided not to blog through books for Women’s History Month is not that I am anti-feminist or against Women’s History Month.  Rather, it’s that I have other things to do.

I have been receiving books in the mail and blogging about them, as you’ve probably noticed.  I also go to a local library and check out books that I can read and blog about.  Many of the books pertain to religious studies, which is my field.  Some of the books that I read are not directly related to my field—-which is biblical interpretation in antiquity—-but I figure that it is useful to me to acquaint myself with them because who knows what I will be asked to teach if I get a teaching position?

So I check out books from the library.  I receive books in the mail to review on my blog, and I have a deadline for writing those reviews.  Moreover, there is also my dissertation, which I am working on.  In order to get all of this done, I figured that I should drop one of my reading projects.  Thus, I won’t be blogging through books for Women’s History Month.  And I probably won’t be blogging through daily readings of books for some time.  Rather, what will happen is that I will write one post about a given book, rather than a series of posts about that book.

I still want to write a blog post every day, however.  How will I accomplish that, if I am not blogging through books by writing series of blog posts?  Well, on Saturday, I will still have a post about my weekly quiet time, a chapter of Scripture that I read and study each week.  On Sunday, I will have a blog post about church.  Assuming that I go to my church’s next Bible study, I will have a post about that on many Fridays.  I will probably have one or two book reviews each week.  On other days, I can blog about articles or blog posts that I read, my daily Bible reading, TV shows, or movies.  We’ll see how it goes!

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