Sunday, March 9, 2014

Believing in a Personal Devil

At church this morning, the pastor opened his sermon with an anecdote.  A seminary student was asked if he believed in a personal devil, and he responded that he did not.  The people who asked the question were concerned about whether the seminary student would make a good pastor, and someone suggested that they not worry about it: in pastoring a church, the guy said, the seminary student will come to believe in a personal devil!

This anecdote made me think about whether or not I believe in a personal devil.  I was certainly raised to believed in one, and so that belief is a part of me, somewhere.  On the other hand, my education has told me that the devil was only part of later stages of Jewish religion, and that Christianity inherited that belief from there.

To be honest, I do not worry much about a personal devil.  My challenge is dealing with myself and my own sins and flaws.


  1. haha I suppose I depends on the church he pastors.

  2. Yeah, one can take that all sorts of ways! I kind of took it the way you do: the church in question is obnoxious!


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