Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fireproof: Getting the Car Out of the Tracks

A while back, I saw Fireproof, a 2008 Christian movie that starred Kirk Cameron.  To be honest, I'm not particularly in the mood right now to write a full-fledged review, and so what I may do is write a little bit about the movie each day until I'm tired writing about it.

In this movie, Kirk Cameron plays a firefighter, Caleb Holt, whose marriage is on the rocks.  That's the overall plot of the movie.  But the movie has a dramatic scene that isn't really a part of that overall plot.  In this scene, Caleb and other firefighters are trying to move a car out of some railroad tracks, and a woman and her little girl are trapped inside of the car.  Meanwhile, a train is coming.  The firefighters succeed in getting the car out of the tracks, but barely, and the train races behind the head of Caleb's Christian friend Michael, knocking off his helmet.  Michael screams as this takes place.  This is a powerful and an intense scene, and the soundtrack that is playing during it is awesome.

See it for yourself here.  Start at the 6:00 mark.

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