Sunday, August 19, 2012

Church Picnic 2012

Today, at church, we had the annual church picnic.  We had church at the picnic site, and the topic was Noah.  Then, we ate.  I didn't get any hamburgers and hot dogs, but there was a lot of pasta, which I liked, and the dessert was really good.  We then played a game of water-balloon toss, which was fun.  The balloon collapsed in my hand, so I got wet, but not too wet----unlike another guy, who got really wet because the balloon collapsed in his hand twice.

I talked a little about politics with one of the ladies there.  I don't like to bring up politics too publicly, since it's divisive.  But this lady was telling me that she did not like Romney because he seemed to be detached from real life, plus he made flub-ups on his recent trips abroad.  But her view is not the only one held by people at my church, for one of the elders had a Romney bumper-sticker on his van.  Another lady was saying that illegal immigration plays a significant role in driving up the cost of health care, which is why her son (whose job does not provide him with health insurance) has a heavy hospital bill----the illegal immigrants are being treated for free, and so he has to pay.  I guess my question is this: When will Obamacare start making health insurance available and affordable so that the uninsured and the under-insured can have it?  Then, I recall talking with someone at church last week who works at a large restaurant chain.  He did not strike me as an Obama-hater, but he feared that Obamacare's requirement that large companies provide health insurance to their employees would eat into his wages.

In any case, I'm glad that my church is not dogmatic on political issues and that there is a wide spectrum of political opinions within it----whether I agree or not.


  1. You are picking the hot topics today! We have universal health care here in Canada of course. And for us - an ordinary middle class family with 4 kids 2 of which are special needs, it has worked perfectly. I have also provided for the past 30 years extended health care for all my employees. It was never a burden to anyone - though much of it like dental care is really pre-paid expense rather than insurance. No one has ever objected to taking care of the rest of the group through the shared premiums of which employees pay 50% to make all benefits tax free.

    Today all my cancer treatments with one exception are paid for and the exception is covered by my extended health. Some day when I am really old, if I get that far, there may be care bills that are not included in universal health care - but we'll cross that bridge when it happens.

    There is certainly pressure on our system - due to technological issues among others, but it still works. There are also people on the margins who don't qualify with the bureaucracy but I have seen these given a public face on our national news and the bureaucrats repent. (Ripley's Believe it or not!)

    It never fails to leave me wondering how such a rich and religious country as the US can fail to provide health care for all its citizens and guests. It sounds like the stories I heard of nasty places like the Soviet Union when I was a child. That extreme of the communal life did not work as we know - but neither will the extreme of me-first, the individual life.

    The tension between the individual and the corporate body is evident throughout the psalms. The individual in speaking on behalf of the body nevertheless I think is ultimately inclusive of all the needs - of the poor, the hapless, and the afflicted so clearly cared for by our God. And the commandment to those who believe is no less clear in both TNK and NT.

  2. Thanks for sharing that perspective on that, Bob. I'm glad that your cancer treatments get paid for. Those can get really costly here, as you've probably heard. It's especially heart-breaking to hear stories about people in the U.S. who lose their jobs and thus their health insurance right when they get cancer. You're right----it sounds like stories about the Soviet Union.


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