Friday, August 17, 2012

Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father 1

I started Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

The book is about Barack Obama's quest to learn about his father, an educated Kenyan man whom Barack apparently did not know that well because the father was in Kenya trying to help his native country.  In my latest reading, Obama talks about hearing stories about his father from his white grandparents on his mother's side----how they described him as a confident person, one who was even able to make a white racist at a tavern feel guilty and pay for his drink.  Obama also discusses his grandparents.  They lived in Texas, but they moved to Hawaii for employment opportunities and also because they did not care for the racism in Texas.  As Obama says, they didn't exactly know about the word "racism", but they believed that people should be treated right.

I enjoyed some of what Obama said on page 4.  He talks about a time when he was comfortable with solitude, and he knew an old man who lived next door to him who also was somewhat of a loner.  Obama helped him carry his groceries up the stairs.  I liked this story because it made me feel all right to be an introvert, and yet it also teaches me to try to understand others and to help them out when I can.

Obama also mentions his birth certificate on page 26, as he talks about finding an article about his father: "I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school."

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