Sunday, July 22, 2012


At church this morning, the sermon was about irritability.  I could identify with that topic, since I myself can get quite irritable.  What I especially liked was my pastor's point that Jesus did not tell his disciples not to be irritable.  Rather, Jesus showed his disciples not to be irritable when Jesus welcomed the multitudes who were infringing on his and his disciples' time of rest. 

I suppose that it helps to have a role model.  I'm not sure if that always works, though, to tell you the truth.  I can admire how some people do not lose their tempers when things don't go their way, as well as those who are cheerful and giving.  But that doesn't mean that their example makes me perfect.  Perhaps it makes me a little better, but not perfect.  At some times, I'm quite irritable, and I find that the best thing for me and others is for me to be by myself. 

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