Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships 28

For my write-up today on The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships, I'll highlight something on page 363. It's talking about Jennifer McIlwee Myers, who wrote a section of the book:

"Jennifer has been married to Gary Myers for eleven years. They met at a science fiction/fantasy book discussion group, where he wowed her with his encyclopedic knowledge of horror films and early 20th C. fantasy literature."

I liked that. As a matter of fact, I also liked how my latest reading of the book was about how Aspies can be interested in certain topics and draw from their interests as they attempt to cope with life. For example, Jennifer holds on to a Harry Potter or Disneyland item in her pocket if she needs to calm down. I'm not interested in Harry Potter so much (at least not yet), but I like, say, Star Trek: Voyager. And wouldn't it be nice if I could wow a lady with my eccentric interests (i.e., the life of Richard Nixon, which I will read and blog about in 2013). :D

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