Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ron Paul's Liberty Defined 4

In my latest reading of Ron Paul's Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom, Ron Paul discusses such issues as the American empire (he's against it, saying that it's counter-productive and that terrorism is a small problem compared to the magnitude of other problems out there, since terrorism takes far fewer lives), evolution (he doesn't think that it's inconsistent with God's existence, and he believes that local school boards should decide how to handle the topic in schools), and the question of how we rank the Presidents (he cites a book that says that we shouldn't assume the war-time Presidents are the best, but that we should look at who presided over peace and prosperity).

These were interesting discussions, both when I agreed with Ron Paul's analysis, and also when I disagreed.  Ron Paul's chapter on "Envy" stood out to me, however, because he argued that envy of the rich is behind the call to redistribute wealth.  I've heard that from a number of conservatives.  In terms of my opinions regarding public policy, I don't care if someone makes more money than me or has more, newer, better, or fancier stuff.  What does concern me is that people are becoming bankrupted under our current health care system, that the middle-class and good jobs appear to be eroding, and that there are people who are suffering in poverty.  If a rich person has more than enough for his comfort, what is wrong with him contributing more in taxes so that these problems can be alleviated?  That's not "envy".

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