Friday, March 2, 2012

More on Davy Jones

Yesterday, I posted some links to the episodes of My Two Dads on which Davy Jones appeared. I watched those episodes yesterday and really enjoyed them. I particularly liked the second episode, "Fallen Hero". Davy Jones plays Malcolm, a successful musician who is having writer's block, if you will. Essentially, he's not inspired to write another song. Whereas the successful song that he wrote previously was based on a lifetime of experiences, he does not feel that he can write another song, probably because he's afraid that he already said everything he can and has nothing more to say. He also feels pressured by his fans to be a success. Whereas, earlier, he loved going to his studio to record, now he avoids the studio like the plague.

But Malcolm finds inspiration among his friends. And when he sings a song for Nicole and she looks at him with that "You're a celebrity and can do no wrong" look, he reminds her that he can do wrong, and that he needs her as a friend when he does do wrong.

Good episode! I also liked the song that Davy Jones sang on The Brady Bunch, which is about how his girlfriend brightens his life.

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