Monday, January 23, 2012

Not Stupid, but Learning

I don’t like it when people call me or other people “stupid” for not knowing something. I mean, unless people calling others “stupid” had all knowledge inside of the womb or from birth, then there was a point in time when they learned what they currently know. So why am I stupid, just because I’m not omniscient? I have to learn things, too.


  1. I highly recommend that little book by Bayard - How to talk about books you haven't read. It seems to apply to people too :)

    You are one of the hardest and most consistent workers I have seen in blogland - do not be discouraged. The Most High works in such faithfulness. (BTW - I confess to not having the time to read every comment you make on books I haven't read - but at least I can say HB+ I have heard of the book and have a positive nod towards it, or HB-- I am glad I don't have to read that one!)

  2. That sounds like a useful book. I'll check it out on amazon.

  3. James, I don't know how anyone could call you stupid.

  4. Thanks Yvette! It's happened a few times, but the goal of my post is not so much to complain about that. It happens a lot to people in general, and so I was writing about a way to see the issue----we're all learning.


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