Monday, January 16, 2012

Is It Orson? Star Trek Voyager Anniversary

I have two entertainment items for today:

1. On Desperate Housewives, who is the one who is leaving Bree notes and ran over Officer Chuck with a car? We know that it’s a man, for, last night, we saw his hands on the steering wheel of his car as he was watching Bree. Here’s my guess: it’s Orson Hodge! He ran over someone before—-Mike Delfino. He was married to Bree for a while. But the question is this: How, if it is him, did he find out that Bree and her friends buried the body of Gaby’s abusive stepfather? Of course, the way that these ladies have been blabbing, it’s a wonder if anyone does NOT know by now! But the person who left the note knew early on, when it was supposedly a tightly-kept secret.

2. Today is the seventeenth anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager! I love this series, probably more than other Star Trek series that I have seen. I like the one where Harry debunked a group’s beliefs about its afterlife, and yet learned from Captain Janeway at the end that perhaps the people’s souls go somewhere after death. I like the one where the Doctor (or, actually, a copy of the holographic doctor) awakens in the future and sees a misrepresentation of Voyager and its crew—-as part of a people-group’s history. There are so many awesome episodes! I watched Voyager when it first came on, but I fell in love with it when it was in syndication, probably because I was older at that point and could identify with things on it more.


  1. Happy Birthday to Voyager. My favorite is the original series, but I have a great love for Spock. As a kid, and even as an adult, I really wanted to be a Vulcan.


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