Thursday, December 13, 2012

A More Interactive Church Service?

More than once, I have read evangelicals say that the church of the future will be more interactive: it won't have a congregation gathering together to sing a few hymns and listen to a speaker, but it will provide a format in which people will share with each other and be authentic.  Am I the only one who is scared by this?  For one, not everyone is talented at social interaction.  Second, I think that the sort of format that is supposedly the wave of the future can lead to cliques, as people gravitate to the people who express spiritual insights in a manner that resonates with them, while ignoring everyone else.

Of course, social interaction is area in which I should grow.  Even the current church provides opportunities for that, such as coffee hour, fellowship before the service, fellowship meals, or Bible study groups.  I attend some of these myself.  But I like the format of being able to go to a church service and to listen to a speaker without being judged over whether or not I meet people's standards of authenticity or spiritual profundity.  I hope that there will be others in the future who will support a traditional church service.  

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