Friday, December 26, 2014

School Plays

I was going to write a book review today, but I did not get to it.  I’ll save it for Monday!

I was thinking about school plays that I saw, both when I was in high school and an undergraduate in college.  In high school, I went to school plays to get extra credit.  At least I went to see Bye Bye Birdie for that reason.  I think it was my Geometry teacher who was offering extra credit, and I definitely needed it in that class!  I may have gone to Auntie Mame for that reason, too.  When I saw Auntie Mame, my Grandma, brother, and sister went with me.  It was a pleasant evening.

In college, I saw The Crucible.  There were other plays that went on that I did not see, but I decided to see The Crucible because I had heard of it and knew it was about the Puritans and McCarthy (both interests of mine).

Seeing these plays was fun.  I got to see people I knew playing parts on stage.  Their acting usually was not as good as what I saw on the movie versions.  But they did fine.  And I will say that seeing The Crucible put chills up my spine.  These girls were randomly accusing people of being witches, and the authorities were taking them seriously.  Yikes!

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