Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jeopardy Disappointment

I watched Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions the past couple of days.  I was disappointed because I was hoping that, eventually, Julia Collins would go up against Arthur Chu and beat him.  Arthur is good at selecting across the board to throw people off.  Julia is good at dominating categories, if not the entire board!  Julia vs. Arthur would be the match to see!

Well, Arthur Chu won his match a couple days ago.  Julia, however, lost yesterday.  So I guess I won’t be seeing that Julia vs. Arthur match, at least not this year.  But will Arthur go against Ken Jennings, or that one guy who won the Tournament of Champions last year—-the guy with the beard who won the most money on Jeopardy?  (Or maybe it was the Battle of the Decades that guy won, not the Tournament of Champions.)

Speaking of which, why haven’t I seen Eric Newhouse on any of the Tournaments of Champions or the Battle of the Decades?  Remember Eric from the 1980′s?  He won the Teen tournament, then held his own against the older folks.  On one game, he was down and there were a few minutes left, but he managed to climb his way to the top, or close to the top.

UPDATE:  Apparently, I was wrong.  Julia competed last night (November 17), and she won!

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