Friday, October 10, 2014

This Generation's Michael Landon?

I had The View on yesterday for a couple of minutes.  The ladies were talking about the Stephen Collins scandal.  Rosie O’Donnell said that the allegations were shocking because Stephen Collins was this generation’s Michael Landon.

Was Stephen Collins this generation’s Michael Landon?  Well, in a sense, he was.  He played a loving father and pastor for eleven years, so I can understand how people would identify him especially with that role.  But there are differences.  Stephen Collins played other roles, too, including roles as villains, whereas Michael Landon almost always played good characters.  Moreover, Michael Landon not only starred in wholesome shows, but he played a significant role in creating them.  I think that Landon had a greater commitment to the existence of wholesome, family TV shows.

But I can’t think of anyone else who would qualify as this generation’s Michael Landon.  Of course, Michael Landon was alleged to have fallen short personally from his TV persona, albeit not as far as Collins fell from his.

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