Friday, August 22, 2014

My Blog Is 7!

Today is my blog’s birthday.  I started blogging on August 22, 2007.  That makes my blog 7.  This coming year, I hope to continue to blog about books, my weekly quiet time in Scripture, and my weekly church service.  I have also jotted down some other topics.  I have about two pages of those.

My stats have been doing well this year.  At least they’re good in terms of my blog and what its stats have been in the past.  The thing is, I kind of miss how I used to blog: going through books, identifying what stood out to me in each day’s reading, writing a blog post about that.  I did not get as many visitors in those days as I do now, though.  Still, I liked those posts.  Also, I was thinking.  Suppose, say, I decide to blog through something that interests me but that others may not find particularly interesting.  Am I so in love with seeing high stats that I would not do that?

Anyway, just some ramblings.  Thank you to my readers.

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